I believe we can do better then now. Our planet is such a special place and I really hope, that we can stick together and do what we can. Every little thing can help. For example I wish I will not see people throwing rubbish from the car windows anymore. I wish people will not leave rubbish behind, anywhere, specially on the beaches and mountains. I believe there is avlot of people who cares and trying hard to change people for being a bit more caring. Let's hope, the recycling will become normal part of our lives.

Every time I collect some rubbish and I recycle it at home, I have a good feeling. I think that is worth it, isn't it? I think so. 

I grown up around craft and second hand clothes. I know, that we, women specially, like buying a new clothes, original design, but all that can be done with buying original craft, hand made clothes, using upcycled fabric too. There is always a choice, depend if you want to support slow fashion craft or if you will go to fast fashion shop and support mass production?

It is up to you. Your choice.